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Leather Cafe Racer Jacket Choice For Every Winter

The Cafe racer Jacket
February 21, 2019

As we think of one of the most edgiest, functional and sought after leather jacket styles called the café racer style- an immediate impression our mind creates for us is that of a cool motorcyclist riding his confidence high.

Indeed- the popular style has got its name from the Lightweight Small Bore Motorcycles however; following it has never been confined to the motorheads in the fashion world. Since a café racer leather jacket has the tendency to epitomize masculinity on a whole different point- men belonging to all age groups and fashions interests have felt that strong inclination to the type.

And why not- after all, this mens leather jacket sale is a savvy match for all the casual ensembles and a safe bet when the need to dress cool in a flesh has to be materialized.


That ‘bad guy’ image and our interest in the classic, café racer jacket tends to strengthen as we get into the origins of this style and learn how its craze initially heightened.

Basically, the concept roots back to the 1960s when the soldiers who fought World War II made their way back to their homeland and spend some happy times racing their motorbikes.

While their speed would often surpass 90 miles per hour, they felt the desire for some simple protective layer- a leather jacket that can accompany them while sartorially complying with their high racing needs. That is- they needed an outerwear that can help them keep their body relaxed without being a killer source for their speed.

Hence, the idea of a decent leather jacket emerged having no unnecessary accessories like frill, buttons, snaps, whistles and bells. To manufacture this exclusive leatherwear, the craftsmen opted for the thick skin of horse and a solid zipper to provide the riders with that ‘extra shielding’ they needed during those insane ventures.

Interestingly, the popularity and fad of leather café racer jacket started to grew since then, however, the only difference was that of horsehide that was then replaced with cowhide and sheepskin to make it a budget friendly investment for all.


The conventional look of Café Racer Jacket for men is not new to the jacket lovers. It has got that comfortable fitting that allows you to ride freely and a round or a small sized banded collar producing an extreme sophisticated vibe. 

But despite the standard look of Café Racer, there comes a slight variation for you to grab the one that most suit your choice and of course- lifestyle. This variation is:

  • Classic:

The most exclusive type is the classic type that revolves around a look more towards the decent side. Generally, the colors you get to witness in this style is the standard brown and black, which makes them more practical and usable when it comes to pairing them with the regular off-duty mixes.  

  • Detailed:

As the name suggests, this type gravitate more towards the details and variety in colors and hence, highly favorable for those who love to be a little creative with their style. With a detailed one, you will find dazzling colors like red, orange, yellow etc with details like stripes that will contrast with the color of the hardware, stitch work often tailored at the elbows or shoulders, patches and the list goes on. While this is the most ‘artistic’ type you can grab in the very category- it is largely related to the punks and riders.

Essentially, no matter what type you choose Black Friday offers considering your priorities and your day to day routine, you need to make sure that you prefer original leather produced from animal hide and no other leather besides. Remember- a leather jacket, specially the one for your racing and riding needs has to be comfortable for that effortless mobility of your shoulders and arms.

In case this layering skin fails to produce the level of flexibility, softness and rigidness you need- you will ultimately regret your decision investing in and wrapping it around!


We’ve already discussed the types of Café Racer Jacket we generally come across. Besides, we have repeatedly mentioned the simplistic design of it that lacks needless details like frills and buttons.

However; there are some common features and details a café racer jacket is ought to have. What are these and what role do they play for the racers- let’s flash that much-needed light:

  • Collar:

In the collar department, you will find everything minimalistic. That is, you will either spot a round collar or a tiny snap collar largely depicting class.

  • Cut short:

For apparent reasons, the length of this jacket is cropped. Just as snug fitting is important to keep things on point for the racers, so as length- the increase of which can affect their pace

  • Zipper:

To keep this hardcore racer jacket in order and its fitting in place, the craftsmen never think of compromising on the zipper section. For this very style, premium grade zippers are incorporated that have the potential to withstand pressure.

  • Pockets:

The position and number of pockets may vary from jacket to jacket. Most will introduce black Friday offers two zip pockets horizontally designed on the chest while some with additional two vertically placed along the midriff. Besides, it isn’t rare to observe no pockets as well. From the technical viewpoint, the pockets tailored for the motorcyclist needs are cut fine and detailed with a zipper that prevents the access of wind at the time of travel.


Café Racer Jacket is a symbol of class for men into motorcycle adventures. It is no less like an indispensable wardrobe staple for racers who love to take their riding game up a notch.

Essentially, this style of leather jacket turns more of a need for the street heroes:

  • For the comfort factor they bring along
  • They categorize them into the racers class
  • They rise the classiness of the relaxed getup and help with a more sophisticated aesthetic
  • Their abrasion resistance power lowers the risk of injuries during a crash
  • They are ideal for all weathers- hence, keep the body protected under all conditions
  • Their flexibility helps your shoulder and arms move freely during the rides/race
  • They are resistant to damage and are easy to maintain
  • They are timeless and for sure, a one-time investment


Now I seriously love the fact how experimental you can be with your café racer jacket and literally spice up your look by literally taking little to no effort. Indeed, the style in addition to all the leather jacket styles is responsive to versatility, thereby, you can choose for a solid laid-back take to a more dressier approach- just as you please.

Tips for Classic Styling:

The classic type is more open to variation as black and brown leather jackets are comparatively functional when the question to pair them with other casuals arises. So for classic styling, you can consider black friday offers the following approaches:

  • If there is a need to pour comfort and modern spin to your look leather jacket sale mens, layer your brown café racer over a white round neck T-shirt paired with blue, tight-fitting jeans
  • An ensemble based of brown jacket, mustard chinos and dark grey, button down shirt is sure to do great justice to your cool dude image
  • For a no brainer casual, carry your black café racer jacket with the same color jeans and a contrasting white T
  • If its about a professional look that needs to be taken for some business or job related work, you can sport your black racer jacket with a dress pant and dress shirt

Tips for Detailed styling:

With the detailed style, you can unleash that little artist in you that will not just testify to your masculine sophistication but will also add a contemporary twist to your dressing. For more suitable styling, you can always consider the following options:

  • If you’ve got that orange or bright red café racer jacket in hand, you can consider wrapping it over a black, round neck T and dark grey skinny jeans for a sporty kind of refinement
  • With the red racer jacket, you can also try a grey T shirt and dark blue denim pants for a more engaging getup
  • How about going for a complete bold-black look with your red or orange streetwear?


We generally assume that racer jackets are targeted for the motorcycle racers and offer least to those who normally prefer leather jackets. However- this is a clear-cut misinterpretation that has nothing to do with the real facts!

Café Racer Jackets is a solid bet for all the fashion forward men. It offers great leather jacket sale styling spice that not only inserts a pop to your get up but also takes your confidence reasonably high.

Besides the ‘racing tracks’ and streets, your café racer jacket can be a best companion while you dress for:

  • A date that demands you to get stylishly ready
  • Casual get together with friends and family where comfort is a priority after style
  • Formal event when you need a semi- professional look

CONCLUSIVE THOUGHTS: No wonder- we have bombers, vintage jacket for men, and what not style in leather wear, but the way café biker jacket maintains the equilibrium between style and comfort- is something beyond compare. Indisputably, it is one of a kind that has a standard even time failed to fade out.

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