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Top 5 Reliable Website For Real Leather Jacket

Top 5 Reliable Websites For Quality Leather Jacket
March 11, 2019

Real leather jackets have always played a crucial role in the functional off-duty arsenal of contemporary people. Men and women and young and adults have always loved the idea of classing up their casual look with anything made straight from real leather.

However- the leather we generally get to see around is not always real! Yes, not all leathers used to craft menswear or womenswear jackets are actually made from the original hide of animal. 

Many a times- jacket manufacturers’ deal in artificial leather so that customers with not-so-cooperating budgets can be largely attracted.

Interestingly, keeping the affordability factor aside- one may naturally wonder as to whether or not the faux counterpart acts as the perfect alternate for genuine one. That is, if this man-made invention is powerful enough to compete with the beauty, flexibility and durability of leather gifted by Mother Nature.

Well- if this is one of your questions pertaining to this material which are yet to be answered – let us help you clear your doubts by sketching a clear difference between the two.


  • Manufacturing:

The major difference is of course- the way each of these is manufactured. As we know, real leather is derived from the skin of animals; with sheep and cows to be the more common ones when the manufacturing of jackets is concerned. On the contrary, artificial leather is produced from a plastic base which undergoes a series of procedures including waxing and dying for that ultimate structure

  • Exquisiteness:

Real leather has better definition, exemplary appeal and character that makes it serve as a perfect Christmas gift ideas for her. Quite the reverse, the textural and visual beauty of some high quality faux leathers are slightly below when compared

  • Strength:

Genuine leather is tough and strong enough to withstand any sort of fall, cuts and peel. However, its synthetic twin does not has the ability to stay that resilient and that too for long

  • Aging:

Real leather ages beautifully as its exterior starts to form a patina that appears totally irresistible to people who have that pulse for quality material.  Sad but true- same cannot be expected with the aging process of faux

  • Form and quality:

Leather produced from animal hide gives you a natural look. In spite of the inconsistent texture, it feels supple and soft. Interestingly, even when artificial leather scores a point through its consistent texture here, it fails to produce that natural look needed to enhance the definition of leather

  • Affordability:

For some, buying original leather good is like making a hole in their pocket but let’s admit- it is worth of an investment. Since it takes some complicated efforts to manufacture, it automatically shifts to the expensive side. The case with faux is however, dissimilar. Since it needs a limited resource for creation, it generally sits well in all possible budgets.

  • Smell:

Who isn’t familiar with that organic, ‘leathery smell’ of real leather? Isn’t it something we all love to sniff over and over? While artificial leather is meant to serve as the substitute of real material, it does not come with a similar smell. Frankly speaking, you can relate its smell with that of plastic and chemical

  • Breathability:

When breathability is a question- your only choice has to be genuine leather. The most malleable and body-friendly fabric stands strong against faux that points quite low in the breathability department

  • Care:

Comparatively, faux leather takes fewer efforts for the cleaning as it is not absorbent and hence, does not form stains. As real leather has the tendency to absorb sweats, body oils and all forms of liquids, it easily forms stains that demand professional cleaning for at least twice every year

Keeping these factors and Christmas gift ideas for her in mind- it isn’t difficult to decide that buying original leather jacket is a real deal against outerwear crafted from faux that is nothing short of a temporary budget- relief equipped with some disappointing consequences that wait to be dealt later.


In this time of chaos when people are heading more towards online sources for their essential and luxury needs- it wouldn’t be wrong to say that ‘you can’t trust everyone’!

Of course, there are jacket makers- some extremely professionals working day and night to serve you with what you genuinely desire but if you see the larger picture, there are many simply existing to loot your hard earned money and turn your online shopping experience into a total ordeal.

To end up safe and your investment into a timeless one, it is important for you to trust that has been termed ‘reliable’ and recommended by the experts.

According to them, some qualities you should always seek in a jacket manufacturer are:

  • The business operates worldwide
  • Has a good reputation
  • Uses 100% sheepskin or cowhide leather
  • Has a longer existence in the market
  • Testified satisfactory by customers
  • Has received excellent customer rating
  • Proven to deliver what has been promised
  • Deals in a wide range of jackets
  • Is punctual with deliveries
  • Has a prompt and supportive customer care service



You cannot only upgrade your fashion choices by following the experts belonging to the fashion world but can also save yourself from online frauds by taking their recommendations seriously.

As per them- five websites you can blindly trust for the purchase of real leather jackets and Black Friday offers are:

  1. may not be a new name for the genuine jacket lovers and fashion forward individuals for the brand has been operating successfully in the leather market for a long period of time. Widely accredited for its real leather garments, jackets, blazers, coats and accessories coming straight from the makers are sure to ramp up your style factor.

Personally, what I love more about Ultimo Fashion is its far-reaching assortment of jackets style. Interestingly, this range is not confined to a certain gender but equally favoring the taste buds of men and women willing to upgrade their modern casual lineup.

Ultimo Fashions is best advised for:

  • 100% genuine leather goods used for crafting all jacket styles including bomber jacket for men and motorcycle
  • Quality accessories and lining used for its outer wears
  • Premium stitching, fitting and on-time deliveries
  • Competence to deal every order and size including made-to-order

One of the most reliable and the most singled out websites for real leather jackets is A name trusted by millions, the team behind it is truly professionals in crafting the widest range of coat and jacket styles for men and women- in genuine leather.  

Urban Fashion Studio has a standard that is simply unbeatable in several forms. Firstly, the masters deliver nothing less than the material being promised to the customers. Secondly, there is no compromise done on the stitching, fitting and sizing so that every article can exclusively speak for its splendor.  Thirdly and more importantly, the manufacturers take order from all over the world and provide the most remarkable customer care service for the customer to feel special and welcomed.

Urban Fashion Studio is best recommended for:

  • Produces good from 100% handpicked, sheepskin and cowhide
  • Offers excellent quality and fitting of coats and jackets
  • Comprehensive collection of classic vintage jacket for women, bombers, bikers and riders style
  • Pocket-friendly rates and amazing discounts

The third in the category but similar in services is Mardams. Mardams is a name that shines bright against most of the competitors that pledge to check absolute satisfaction but tend to fail on many grounds. Mardams emerged with the intension to deliver the best to its customers- with time, consistency and proficiency, the team is going pretty strong and speedily making its way to the top.

The more promising reason to support these craftsmen is their ability provide definition in every article they plan to construct. From material quality to fitting, length to color, shoulder alignment to each minute detail associated with the garment, you get to witness the expertise they possess.  

Mardams is best suggested for:

  • Its high quality materials like genuine leather, cotton and wool
  • Infinite variety of coats and street wear jackets including riders, racer jacket for men, flight, military and bombers for men and women
  • Superior grade accessories used for tailoring
  • Worldwide, prompt delivery

The next to step in is the powerfully convincing leather manufacturers that assure nothing except quality to its valuable buyers. Super Jackets is one of the trusted leather makers on justifiable grounds. Their dedicated nature in crafting all sorts of jackets, coats and vests, their aptitude in understanding the exact customers need and their know- how about contemporary fashion is beyond compare.

Those who have tried the craftsmen and have experienced their goods explicitly testify their quality material, uniqueness and class. People all over the world get a clear access to their favorite outfits that are not just within their means, but are beautifully stitched and fitted with a modern finish.

Super Jackets can be best relied for:

  • Original leather garments including coats and jackets, vests and blazers
  • Exclusive variety of jackets such as biker jacket for men, blouson and bomber
  • Premium raw material and complete size range
  • Accurate fittings and custom-made facility


Competing tough and succeeding well in the race is that scores the fifth position in our list of 5 reliable websites for real leather jackets and Black Friday offers. Pretty much relatable to the other four in services, Famous Jackets manage to give its competitors a run for money especially when the quality and style of its jackets, coats and vests are compared.

Chiefly deals in genuine leather, the team behind the brand employs its best manpower for the tailoring of its products. Famous Jackets is popular for its versatility in design thereby, its garments are sure to produce a fresh twist to your look and take your casual game to a whole new height.

Famous Jackets is a best choice:

  • When you want 100% original leather
  • Neat stitching, exemplary fitting and market-competitive prices
  • Exceptional designs of fringed, bomber, shearling, vintage and biker jacket for women
  • Timely delivery and wide color range


Even if you’ve got a big budget that can easily fit in your real leather jacket purchase- you would love the idea of saving more through deals and discounts that are introduced time and again.

Thankfully- the case with these five websites is no exception that also introduces special offers for the interested buyers to feel welcomed and save more on their purchases.

Since people are more likely to shop luxury items during some special occasions and events- you are more likely to witness a seasonal drop in prices during:

  • Christmas:

Everything about Christmas is special- isn’t it? People love to shop for themselves and their loved ones and hence, brands generally put their products on sale. Look for Christmas gift ideas for her

  • New Year:

Buying a new jacket on New Year sounds like a very cool idea! All sorts of brands including jacket makers allow you to get your hands on your favorite jacket at a rate that does not appear steep

  • Black Friday:

You sure want to make the best use of Black Friday offers by actually shopping your heart out. Well, if you are up for a jacket purchase and so is Black Friday- brace yourself for some incredible, worth availing discounts

  • Valentines Day:

You sure want to feel the love that is literally in the air on Valentines- why not get it materialized by surprising that special one its favorite jacket while saving a ton at the same time?

  • Easter:

Promotional deals and discounts are no surprise on the special festival of Easter. And so, the only need is to ‘avail the opportunity’!


Leather jackets are a means of expression that beautifully leaves an impression for the naked eyes. However- If you wish to make that impression a lasting one, you need to choose the leather that is tested for providing you the edge you need to make it a long-term companion.

After all- it is about your casual styling repertoire!

Givenchy’s tough tailoring for spring 2019 takes the trend a level deeper into tones of khaki and army fatigues. Powerful both for work and off-duty.6/80

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