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Real Women Leather Jacket is a Missing Key for Winter Wardrobe

Men/women Real Leather Jacket
June 10, 2019

Leather jackets are known for epitomizing masculinity but interestingly, this casual wear equally stresses feminine accent the moment it is wrapped! Be it is some casual trip in need of a relaxed twist or some long riding adventures demanding an extra sharp look- a leather jacket is a solid bet when it comes to lifting up the glam game in a matter of flash.

Considering the charisma it carries and the strength it holds- nothing keeps us from categorizing it as a mainstay you may or may not posses in your wardrobe. So if you know the significance of donning and investing in a leather jacket sale womens this winter- excellent, if not, this write up will certainly set the record straight for you.


Well- you’ve got every reason to invest in black friday sales deals womenswear for all the seasons known to mankind! Yes- a leather jacket is not just a smart fashion choice for winters- but almost every other season we deal round the year.  

On top of that, as its trend is not like some short-lived fad keeping its century-old following in mind, we can count the classic wear as an eternal investment that will equally advantage us in the long run, let alone short.

Besides, women must rely on a leather jacket for:

  • Boosting the style quotient:

We are naturally tuned with the desire to be seen, noticed and admired. Essentially, leather jacket is more like a style enhancer, an elegant touch that has the power to infuse our dressing with the degree of graceful dapperness desired by us. 

  • Complimenting  almost every color:

Even if it is the most shocking pink you are carrying to the party or the most decent hue you have chosen to do the groceries, you can effortlessly upgrade your fashion game through layering it even with the minimalistic style in leather jacket 

  • Contouring your body shape:

You can’t be in love with your curves but uninterested in getting yourself a leather jacket- especially when this exclusive garment can beautifully outline a body shape through its form-fitting construct.  So if it’s about some contouring and highlighting the shape of your body, your go to outwear has to be a leather jacket

  • Comforting yourself:

Generally, leather jacket sale womens are stitched with quilted lining to provide you an ideal protection against chilly and winter times. These types of linings not just protect your body from extreme weathers but also provide a comfy touch and a pleasant feel during the wear 

  • Going clean and lint-free:

Leather is a naturally beautiful fabric that can keep all the environment filth at bay. Unlike most of the fabrics, it does not catch lint, dust and dirt that can be largely credited to its glossy texture. Yes, it calls for professional cleaning once or twice every year but that is meant to preserve its moisture and prolong its life. The general cleaning, however, can be easily done by yourself through some soft cleaning product meant for this very material

  • Revving up the look of outfit:

As the conventional colors in leather jacket pair well with any color of the outfit you flaunt, these match well with any of the outfit’s style you choose to carry as well. A black leather jacket that is sought by women at large is generally preferred for the versatility it offers. Likewise, the case with a classic brown is no different that also adds that magnetic appeal to some simple to modern outfit and generate that solid, laid-back look in no time

  • Carrying any color you like:

Women love to explore different colors and styles in the name of fashion, which of course, always tend to enhance their beauty and persona. Luckily, they have the freedom to try any color in leather jacket as the palette confined for this purpose is larger enough to accommodate their desired color. 

Yes, from the standard brown and black to the exciting red and orange, you can literally sport anything that goes well with your choice, activities and range of outfit your wardrobe possess. 

  • Wearing what’s meant for you:

Half of a garment’s beauty lies in its fitting and this is a fact we completely get to understand when we are made to deal with a wrong size. In general cases, jackets are crafted on standard sizes however, if you choose to go for stores like UrbanFashionStudio, you will find the accessibility to your actual body size.

 In case you don’t, the manufacturers provide free of cost facilities like custom-stitch for the piece of clothing to sit well on every inch of your figure 

  • Possessing what will improve with time:

You know it is a timeless fabric- the aesthetic of which tends to enhance with the passage of time. Indeed, this is one spell-binding fact- where other fabric loses their charm from the constant exposure to daylight, the tone, softness, look, quality and natural appeal of leather improves with time. 

  • Protecting from injuries:

If you are an outdoor girl who loves to travel or ride, there can be no better companion for you than a leather wear. Basically, leather material is tough with the ability to work as an obstacle for insulation- it is thereby, it serves as a perfect layering for anything that can expose you to the risks of injury or extreme weathers


Lot changes in the fashion world from time to time. A style that trends for a certain period of time black friday sales deals is sooner or later, replaced with something refreshingly new by the fashion conscious behaviors. Similarly, the popularity of a certain style and following in leather wear is no exception. As it is a staple that gets comfort and practicality in sync, experts have been on a continuous run to bring some fresh twists and turns in the designing department. 

Interestingly, there are certain styles in women leatherwear, the popularity of which never seem to decline. Not only these are all-time adored by the fashion enthusiasts but are considered tested options to place in the off duty styling repertoire. What are these popular leather jacket sale womens and how far can they go in proving your expertise in women fashion- let’s find out:

If you have a knack for fashion- nothing will better impress you than a classic bomber’s style! Even though, the look was initially carried by pilots and plane crew, it is no longer confined to a certain category with women setting trends through it, all over the world. 

A standard, bomber jacket for women has a length that ends slightly below the waistline and is often stitched with a smooth, cozy inner. If you pay attention to its construct, it is common for this style to have flexible openings, shiny zipper, slightly baggy fitting and cinch at the waist and sleeves. 

Styling Tips:

  • If you’ve got a black bomber jacket in hand, you can take an all black get up with a round neck T-shirt and skin tight jeans for an absolute bold look!
  • In ideal scenario, you can flaunt black leather pants in place of jeans
  • A check shirt with a skinny dark blue jeans is an ultimate casual combo
  • A black turtle neck with black cotton pant is a  most welcoming mix for brown bomber

Dahlia Waxed Maroon Leather Jacket

Dahlia Waxed Maroon Leather Jacket

Shania Classic Brown Leather Jacket

Shania Classic Brown Leather Jacket

No style- I repeat- no style can beat the cool, sizzling look of the customary bikers’ style that is intensely admired by punks, bikers and simple fashionistas. In terms of design, it will recall you of the classic bomber with some amendments taking the fashion game up a notch.  

Inspired from the notorious Harley Davidson Jacket , the look gravitates for genuine leather jacket mens  more towards edgy features like asymmetrical zip opening, snap button collar and details such as studs, buckles and zippers doing nothing but intensifying its raw, sultry charm. 

Styling Tips:

  • Dark grey jeans and a baggy black T-shirt will best match with the sexy look of a black bikers jacket
  • You can also carry your jacket with blue jeans and white, loose fitting sweater
  • A white deep neck shirt and dark brown skirt can be smartly carried with brown biker jacket for women
  • A brown biker style will fire up the charisma of a combo based on white, button down shirt and blue jeans short

Jumbo Women Leather Jacket Black

Jumbo Women Leather Jacket Black

Sella Black Leather Zipper Sheepskin Jacket

Sella Black Leather Zipper Sheepskin Jacket

Rachel Womens Olive Puffer Jacket

Rachel Womens Olive Puffer Jacket

Beauty with personality is more admired against beauty without a personality and this style largely goes with the former category. A simplistic design generally aimed for the street queens, real leather jacket women specially Racer Jacket for women is also followed by those who love to follow decent rules in fashion. 

From the details perspective, this style has a minimalistic approach with front zip closure, snap tab collar and as little as two to four zip openings in general. While the jacket is generally manufactured from original leather- keeping its rough use and the need of flexibility in mind, a viscose inner is normally chosen to keep things warm from the inside. 

Styling Approaches:

  • A simple white T shirt and blue jeans is a cool casual mix for a black racer jacket
  • Grey shirt and black jeans is another trendy combo for your black racer style
  • A fuse of black and black will create a magical appeal when layered with a brown racer

Lucia Women’s Blue Sheepskin Leather Jacket

Lucia Women’s Blue Sheepskin Leather Jacket

Juliet Classic Women’s Black Leather Jacket

Juliet Classic Women’s Black Leather Jacket


Do you still doubt about getting yourself to buy Genuine leather jacket Mens or Real leather jacket Women this winter? Especially when you’ve got all the reasons and cool styling tips to turn yourself into a head turner?  

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